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Craig Appel — Private Investigator

I am a retired Homicide Investigator applying 33 years of law enforcement skills helping clients in criminal & civil matters. Most of my law enforcement career was spent as a detective investigating violent crimes, especially homicides. I have interviewed thousands of witnesses, victims, and defendants. I have authored hundreds of search warrants and arrest warrants and have investigated hundreds of crimes scenes — giving me the unique background necessary to provide a client the best possible experience when navigating the judicial system.

Experience. Trust. Results.

Since retiring I have worked with both Criminal and Civil attorneys assisting them and their clients with various types of investigations. I have also assisted clients with investigating charges brought against them ranging from misdemeanor to felony crimes.

I have extensive knowledge of complex criminal investigations, interviewing techniques, crime scene investigation, and surveillance. Over the years I have developed numerous resources in the Denver Metropolitan area and out of state to give my clients the best possible outcome in their matters.


Qualified as an “Expert Witness” in both State and Federal Court
Licensed Colorado Private Investigator II
Criminal Defense Investigator for the Office of the Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Certified Firearms Instructor
Licensed Private Investigator in Wyoming
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Investigative Services Provided

Clients include National Cooperate Law Firms and Local Private Attorneys.

  • Criminal Defense Investigation

  • Personal Injury Accident Investigations

  • Case Review

  • Insurance & Defense Surveillance

  • Domestic Surveillance to include photo and video surveillance

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Divorce Investigation

  • Witness Interviews

  • Witness Location/Skip Tracing

  • Sexual Assault Investigations

  • Domestic Violence Investigation

  • Domestic Asset Investigation

  • Process Service

  • Provide Expert Court Testimony


Craig is an investigator’s investigator. He has incredible common sense and a rare instinct for finding and following leads. Craig also is remarkably gifted at putting people at ease and getting them to share information. Craig’s work ethic also stands out among his peers’ – he steadily and tirelessly works every appropriate angle in a case and never “mails it in.” Importantly, even under the highest stress situations Craig always displays a low-key, humble confidence that allows him to calmly and effectively work with a team. — Robert Troyer — Former U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado

Craig Appel is truly the best investigator and I highly recommend him! He is my go-to investigator. His experience as a homicide detective makes him an invaluable asset to every case he works. He is also extremely knowledgeable and has outstanding intuition that has saved me (and my clients) time and money. Craig’s work is superb, and it’s always completed in a timely manner.” — Jill M. Jackson, Esq. — Law Office of Jill M. Jackson LLC

I write to provide my unqualified recommendation for Craig Appel as a serious criminal case investigator for the defense. I have known Detective Appel for many years, first as a police detective and later as the primary Major Crime Unit investigator with the Aurora Police Department. I have worked many cases against him, and now we have worked many cases together. After his retirement, Detective Appel easily adapted to the defense style. I have had the experience that it is difficult for some former police officers to make that shift.

Detective Appel is hard working, energetic, honorable and provides me with full and complete information. I also respect Detective Craig Appel’s opinions. It is very common for me to consult him about the serious cases that we share together. I wholeheartedly endorse hiring former Detective Craig Appel as a defense investigator.

Please feel free to write or phone me if I can sing his praises any further. — Respectfully, Attorney Craig Truman, P.C.

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